Who sells better?
You or your website?

More then 90% of the traffic is lost after the first visit. Stop it.

We bet - it's you! So gain more leads and sales online
with the help of prerecorded personal videos and video calls.

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Companies that already use video calls on the websites for sales and support:

Bring the store experience online

Stop losing web traffic and therefore money

Websites gobble up 90% of marketing investment because they fail to capture the attention of web visitors. Claims and images just are not enough to explain the value and build enough trust. But you can stand out.

Build trust and authority

First, grab the visitor's attention with a video presentation of you or your company. Invite them to explore your products/services

Lead and convince

Add explainer videos to pages where additional personal sales presentations can help improve conversion

Allow salespeople to sell online

Allow sales staff to talk and sell to web visitors as if it were a face-to-face conversation in the showroom or office through chat and video calls

Improve conversion rates. Reduce returns

Invite web visitors to call you via video. Showcase products and services live. Help them make the best product selection and choose you.

Invite and guide through videos

In a first-class showroom, the customer is always welcome. BetterCall brings that same experience to the web. Welcome your customers with a personal intro video or add some explainer videos. Build trust, explain details, and convince the customer to choose you. Build trust, explain details, and convince customer to choose you.

Prevent web visitors from leaving the site

Most people do not want to spend time trying to understand your offer. But they would be happy to have someone explain the offer to them. Offer them to contact you personally. We bet you can still convince them to choose you.
We bet you can still convince them to choose you.

Real face-to-face interaction.
On your website. Remote.

Despite great e-shops, chat widgets and chat bots, people want face-to-face interaction and to see products in person. BetterCall equips your sales staff with a full suite of communication tools.

video call
or chat with
on the go

For sales staff

Respond instantly via audio or video calls. Show product details via video. Share emotions, not emojis.

Chat with shy customers

Many customers will only text you short questions. You can reply immediately from your PC or mobile phone.

Video chat with the really interested

Do not lose customers who really want to buy your products but are missing important information. Allow them to video call you to see product personally and get missing information.

For website visitors

Allow your customers to save time and stay in their office or home while being served remotely by your sales staff.

Hassle-free for customers and representatives

No third-party downloads or complicated installations. Allow web visitors to connect with your reps with one click directly from the website. Desktop and mobile friendly.

Save time and provide the best service

A knowledgeable salesperson will answer the customer's questions much faster than a chatbot, showing them every detail of the product and helping them make the best choice.

Present product details and offer alternatives face to face

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Increase customer satisfaction and reduce processing time

Increase revenue and improve the customer experience

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Frequently asked question

What kind of hardware (computer / smartphone) sales representative need?

BetterCall app is available for Android and iOS smarphones. We do not have any harware performance requirement. The only important thing is the quality of rear camera. Big benefit would be to have a smartphone with wide-angle lense, but is there is plenty of budget options available on the market in the range of 150-200 USD.  

How easy is to integrate BetterCall on my website?

It will take 10 minutes of your developer's time.

To install BetterCall you need to install only one piece of JavaScript similar to the Google Analytics and other common services. You will need to copy & paste our scrip in the <head> tag in your website code. If you don't know how to do it, ask your developer or contact us.

Is client able to finish checkout and pay through the videochat?

Currently our solution does not support this function, but we have it in our roadmap. If you are interested in it, please contact us. We would be glad to hear your requirements and conside it in our development process.

Can client book a call for later?

Yes, with BetterCall webvisitor can chat and video chat immediatelly with your sales personnel. In case if customer do not have time now or sales person is busy, customer can book time for later. When booking time come sales person will get an app notification and customer will get an sms with a link to call.

Do you have any eshop / ERP / CRM integrations?

Currently our solution does not support this function, but we have it in our roadmap. If you are interested in it, please contact us. We would be glad to hear your requirements and conside it in our development process.

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